About Us

TWIMUK CHRISTIAN ACADEMY is a co- educational English Medium school established by Mr. Biching Debbarma in 1999 A.D. The school campus is surrounded by the green hills with flora and fauna, the School is adept in dealing with children and open to all irrespective of caste, tribe, creed, and section.

The Twin Bird fly over the high greenly mountain.

It’s a twin vision and mission to impact the quality of education to children, where they will learn and serve to their respective society, community and to all the national wide to excel.

“TWIMUK” in Kok-borok(Spring water).

The river is originated from the spring and together flow miles. Therefore to fulfill the vision and mission to enrich every single child imparting the potential of the education system and flow like a river to every tribe and tongue and where they are responsible for near future aspect.

Twimuk Christian Academy MOTTO.

With a deeply concerned and prayerfully we have chosen this MOTTO:

LEARN- A sound education and implement to their life care in every aspect.

SERVE- On learning their education they will serve their respective family, society, community and the nation.

EXCEL – To every tribes and Tongue.

The aims of the institution are to impart the quality of education by forming in pupil good habits of behavior, high sense of discipline, self-reliance during the academic year of their studies and to be useful and loyal citizens in future. The course of instruction followed in the school comprises all branch prescribe by government code. The school caters to the needs of the community in general, and all around development of the pupils in particular.