1. Examinations are held at the end of every term i.e. August and march, Mid-term, Tests/unit Test are also conducted to improve the performance of the students. Promotion shall purely depend on the performance of these examinations.
  2. No re-examinations will be conducted for students who are absent at any examination.
  3. Answer paper of the 1st & 2nd Terminal examinations will be given back to the students for rectification and self-assessment. Answer paper of the final examinations shall not be shown.Applications for the verification of marks in special cases will be considered at the discretion of the school authority.
  4. The result of all exams should be collected on the specific date by the individual students with their guardian. No result will be given through telephone or message.
  5. The Final result decided during the teacher’s meeting with the concern of administrator will be a final decision. No request for re-consideration will be entertained.
  6.  Cumulative records will be kept in the school office and will be sent to parents informed of the progress of the child. It should be signed by the Farther/Mother and returned to the school. The remarks are to be considered with utmost seriousness.
  7. The cumulative Records (Class-I to VIII) are a very important document. Therefore the entries should not be erased or altered.